3 Korean Actors Who Have Had Success in K-Dramas Despite “Poor Acting” Skills

The acting was okay, but the media and the audience applauded, “unstable” acting but enthusiastically embraced by the filmmakers was the problem of these three actors.

Ahn Hyo Seop

The drama A Business Proposal is a special case of the Korean screen when it was not initially expected but created a huge explosion in many Asian countries.

The male lead Ahn Hyo Seop also changed his life, becoming a face of stronger interest than ever.

On social networks, the audience uses countless beautiful words for both his acting and appearance. However, objectively speaking, A Business Proposal is a step backwards in Ahn Hyo Seop‘s acting. Compared to Dr. Romantic or more recently, Lovers of the Red Sky, Ahn Hyo Seop at A Business Proposal nothing outstanding other than an excellent design.

His acting only stops at a safe level, suitable for humorous, romantic love scenes, while scenes that require emotion all look quite half-hearted.

Jung Ho Yeon

Jung Ho Yeon had her debut role in the movie Squid Game and to this day both this movie and herself have been called the “product of excessive flattery”.

Jung Ho Yeon’s enthusiasm for the first role cannot be denied.

But objectively, her acting in the movie is not as impressive as what the media said about her when the movie was first aired.

Song Kang

It’s hard for even hardcore fans to deny Song Kang’s acting, but many viewers are quite fond of this acting just because… it’s fine.

There’s no denying that in some works, Song Kang’s acting is okay, but he seems to be accepting films too widely, not giving himself time to hone his skills or research and select plays.

Manufacturers are also holding and flattering this name too much. 

Song Kang, of course, took full advantage of that confinement and as a result, turned himself into an actor who “just needs looks”.


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