Netizens Want to See More of Rookie Actor Kim Jae Won, Who Plays Cha Seung Won’s Younger Version in “Our Blues”

Rookie Kim Jae Won properly imprinted his presence from his first appearance as Cha Seung Won‘s younger version in tvN‘s new Saturday and Sunday drama “Our Blues”.

Our Blues” (authored by Noh Hee Kyung/directed by Kim Kyu Tae/produced by G-Tist) is a drama about the sweet and bitter lives of people who are at the end of their lives, at the peak, or at the beginning.

In the childhood of Choi Han Soo (played by Cha Seung Won), who worked hard for his family but had a difficult existence, Kim Jae Won played a passionate role.

In the first broadcast, Han Soo met his friend Eun Hee (Lee Jung Eun) when he was transferred to his hometown of Jeju. As the first love of Eun Hee (played by Shim Dal Gi) when he was young, he caught the eye with her indifferent expression and blunt tone, but he secretly took care of her.

In particular, Han Soo Soo was asked by Miran (Yeon Si Woo) whether he kissed Eun Hee forcibly in front of the students. Even though he was in a situation, he said, “Me? You?” Forced? Forced? Hey, you liked it, too“, he said, making viewers’ hearts flutter.

In the second episode, Han Soo remembered his school days with Eun Hee (played by Lee Jung Eun). In his childhood, when he dreamed of the future without any worries, his appearance of smiling brightly and playing in the water in it was reminiscent of a fresh youth, contrary to his lethargic present.

As a result, Kim Jae Won‘s warm images and excellent proportions diverted attention away from his appearance. “Visual is great“, “Jealous eyes, movements, and speech, becoming a guilty person“, “Good acting, proportion is amazing” and “Where the heck did you come from?” are among the comments received in response to the tsundere behavior and the smiling face.

He made his acting debut with the web drama “No Going Back Romance,” and he recently released the film “Dream Maker,” in which he took an active role, and he is continuing to make strides, making him look forward to the future even more.

Meanwhile, “Our Blues” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m. on tvN.



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