5 Successful Korean Stars Who Became Celebrities To Help Their Struggling Family

Before becoming famous actors, these Korean stars had a difficult childhood.


IU‘s upbringing was going swimmingly until her family went into debt. As a result, IU and her younger brother moved in with their grandma.

They lived in poverty for a long period, as their home was formerly infested with cockroaches.


Rain, a Korean film and music industry icon, had an extraordinarily difficult childhood. Rain grew up in an environment in which he couldn’t eat or wear warm.

His mother has diabetes, but the family cannot afford care; at times, the entire family is forced to live on the streets.

Rain’s mother died not long after his debut, without receiving a single day’s blessing from her son. Rain was tormented for the rest of his life since he couldn’t save his mother.

Rain, according to the owner of JYP, is the poorest artist he has ever encountered.

Han So Hee

Han So Hee is one of the most well-known new generation actors. Han So Hee was one of the Korean stars that grew up in poverty before becoming a star and attaining the lifestyle she presently enjoys.

She used to work in a pub in her early career, but she subsequently tried to pursue acting because of her grandma, whom she considers her mother.

And her biological mother is like a “burden” because she frequently uses her name to borrow money, increasing the amount of debt that Han So Hee has to endure.

Recently, the law intervened, and Han So Hee was deemed not liable for the debts incurred by her mother in her name.

Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won, the hot drama “Our Blues“‘ male lead, had to go through the same poverty as his character.

Although he did not go into detail, Cha Seung Won once stated that his family was forced to live in a damp basement for three years.

Cha Seung Won fell in love with the catwalk by accident after working at a run-down bookstore for a long period.

Cha Seung Won‘s average annual salary has reached ten million dollars, and the 45-year-old celebrity also models for 13 different fashion companies.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum‘s career got off to a rocky start when he declared bankruptcy at the age of 22.

His father had borrowed money from a lender and had Park Bo Gum listed as a guarantor at the time.

Following his debut, Park Bo Gum began to receive demands to repay the debt, which had risen considerably due to the interest rate.



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