Netizens Criticized Lee Min Ho For His Poor English At “Pachinko” Promotion In The US

Netizens thought Lee Min Ho‘s foreign language ability was unrealistic at the same time.

Recently, an interview footage of Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha promoting the series Pachinko became viral on social networking platforms. The ability of the two main actors in the film to “shoot” in English has piqued the interest of netizens.

While Kim Min Ha consistently impresses by answering interview questions in English clearly and easily, like a native, netizens shake their heads in distaste whenever Lee Min Ho‘s turn comes up.

Kim Min Ha gives an interview in English like a native
Interview clip of Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha

In the footage, Lee Min Ho‘s English speech is regarded clumsy and imprecise. With simple queries, the gorgeous actor had to seek the assistance of an interpreter.

This appears to irritate viewers because Lee Min Ho is one of Korea’s top performers with a sizable film income. As a result, one of the skills that this actor needs to improve is his knowledge of a foreign language.

However, this is not the first time Lee Min Ho has been criticized for his command of a foreign language. Lee Min Ho‘s ability to “shoot” in English with his traditional Korean-lish standard as seen in the series “Legend of the Blue Sea” in conjunction with Jun Ji Hyun impressed fans.

Lee Min Ho and his English speaking phase “go underground” in Legend of the Blue Sea
Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea



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