Fans Have Been Asking How Much Money They Need To Spend To Dress Like Shin Min Ah And Here Is The Answer

Starting her career as a model for a magazine in 1998, Shin Min Ah has gradually achieved success and won numerous certifications from domestic and international luxury brands – including Gucci.

The resounding success of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is the bridge to guide Shin Min Ah to the position of global ambassador for this brand.

Shin Min Ah‘s influence has had a significant impact on brand revenue.

Recently, at the press conference to launch a new movie, the actress attracted attention when a series of designs from Gucci.

This eye-catching outfit received a question from netizens: “How much does it cost to dress as beautiful as an actress?” (according to Koreaboo) .

As a global ambassador for Gucci, Shin Min Ah will not have to spend a dime to buy “broken” items she wears, but this will be the price of the set:

Simple and nostalgic plaid one-piece dress with a retail price of more than 93 million
Pointed black leather boots cost more than 33 million

In addition, the actress also “carries” another brand that she is an ambassador for Didier Dubot. Wearable jewelry costs about 120 million VND.

A pair of earrings worth nearly 13 million VND, the Didier Mon Paris ring cost over 16 million VND.

In particular, Didier Dubot’s Sèlection ring model costs nearly 23 million dong

TOTAL “Cost”: It will take you nearly 247 million VND to have an elegant and gentle outfit like this.


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