P.O Wants To See IU Before Military Enlistment

Singer and actor P.O sent a love call to IU before joining the Marine Corps.

On April 6, a video titled “Pio’s Letter to Fans Before Enlistment (feat. IU)” was posted on GQ Korea’s official YouTube channel.

In the released video, P.O was seen leaving a video letter to Block B members and fans ahead of his enlistment in the Marine Corps.

In particular, at the end of the video, P.O carefully mentioned IU after receiving a questionnaire titled “Dear, ??”. He said before answering, “Oh, by any chance. No, no,” he said, raising questions.

P.O said, “Is it IU or Jieun? I thought it would be helpful for my military life if you could come to the unit if you had time.

But Pio soon added, “I was going to talk, but I’m not going to.”

P.O has already given IU the nuance of wanting her to come to the unit publicly, but she seems to have taken her luck out of fear that IU would feel burdened.

The two’s friendship created a sense of satisfaction, but some pointed out that it was rude, citing that IU is three years older than P.O.

Meanwhile, P.O. and IU worked together as hotel staff and president on tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna,” which ended in 2019.

P.O entered the boot camp on March 28 and is receiving basic military training. He will then serve in the Marine Corps.


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