Former BIGBANG Member Seungri Allegedly Invited A Hot Taiwanese Girl To The Toilet To Do Private Things

Recently, an influencer (influential person – PV) named Xiao Xiao appeared on a Taiwanese entertainment program and shared about his previous love affair with a male K-pop idol named A.

When A’s group went to Taiwan to perform, we got to know each other through a friend. I didn’t think I would fall in love so quickly. We also dated like other couples. , I even went to Korea to date him.Once A invited me to a party held in a club.When I was dancing, he pulled me into a corner and kissed me.A even invited me into his house. toilet, but because I was too shy, I refused,” she said.

After hearing the story, Tu Xi Di ran to Xiao Xiao’s place and was revealed by her to A’s real name.

When he finished listening, Tu Xi Di exclaimed that he was a “superstar”. It is reported that A is a member of the 2nd gen Kpop group.

Although the truth of the information has not been verified, with only the hint that the male member is a “superstar” in the popular K-pop boy group of the 2nd generation, netizens competed to guess the identity of this character as a member of Super Junior, 2AM. , 2PM,…

Many people “guess and guess” that it is most likely Seungri – a former BIGBANG member because everyone knows how much the male idol used to be addicted to clubs.

In addition, this information was released on the occasion of BIGBANG’s comeback with the ” Still Life ” MV, so Seungri was even more suspected by the people like the character A.

On March 11, 2019, Korean showbiz was shocked by the news that Seungri announced his departure from BIGBANG, officially retiring because of a series of shocking scandals.


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