A Netizen Sued For Criticizing “Snowdrop” Over History Distortion Showed Up And Explained His Side

Internet users who claim to have been sued by JTBC drama “Snowdrop” have appeared.

On April 6, on the online community Clian, ‘JTBC was sued for strengthening the snow. I ask for your help,’ a post was posted.

The author of the post, A, posted a capture of some of the links and contents of the posts he posted on the community in the past.

At that time, A posted an article titled “Strengthening the Lunar New Year, which is also hit by Dispatch.”

A said, “I’m summoning you again after posting a message in favor of strengthening the Lunar New Year. Stargazing things, let alone reflection, stir up anger. NO JAPAN NO JTBC,” he said, adding some articles from the entertainment media Dispatch.  

The Dispatch article contained voices criticizing “Snowdrop,” which has been embroiled in controversy over history distortion.

A said, “I was sued by JTBC and Drama House in the above article,” adding, “My contact information is said to have been found out by sending a seizure warrant to Cliang.”

A then said, “I avoided direct mention of being careful, but it is ridiculous. I wonder if that is a cause for complaint.

I ask for your advice on how to deal with it in the future,” he added.

JTBC’s “Snowdrop,” which was embroiled in a controversy over history distortion earlier, announced a legal response to the spread of false information related to the drama. 

In a number of online communities, the full text of the e-mail sent by JTBC saying, “The request to stop the distribution of false information related to the strengthening of the drama was posted.

According to the full text of the mail, JTBC said, “In the early days of production, synopsis was leaked, malicious edits with a plot were circulated, and until now, public opinion is misleading by packaging clear false facts as if they were true.”

In the meantime, JTBC warned, “We plan to respond strongly to groundless slander and fabrications that are not related to the setting of this drama, so please refer to it.”


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