3 Questions Left To Be Answered In Final Episode Of “Business Proposal”

Business Proposal” has a happy but unfinished ending.

Business Proposal” has officially ended after 12 episodes, with a happy ending for both couples. Accordingly, Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) successfully proposed to Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong); and Secretary Cha (Kim Mi Gue) and Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) moved in together as husband and wife.

However, the viewers will be left unsatisfied with this conclusion. The series’ last episode quickly builds up the plot, untied knots are removed, and there are numerous entanglements about the characters’ relationships.

It is not wrong for Young Seo to follow her heart, but is it proper for her to abandon her father?

Young Seo decided to abandon her father-daughter relationship with her father after learning that her father had asked her lover (Cha Sung Hoon) to break up with her.

Dad is a mediocre father who just thinks about money“, she continued, “Dad kicked me out only because I didn’t fulfill his standards, and now I’m hurting the person who loves me“, she explained.

It makes no sense that Young Seo was born with it. Just because she does not obey her father’s demands, he bans her daughter from dating someone she does not like and constantly thinks about money and prestige.

So, who is at fault in this situation? Is it trying to spread the idea that if you don’t get along with your parents, you’ll end up abandoning them? Isn’t it unethical to generate tension between father and daughter from the beginning to the end of the series in order to bring the relationship to an end?

Can you still be friends with your “one-sided crush of 7 years”?

Business Proposal” effectively established a cruel male-female line, which ignored the female lead (Shin Ha Ri) unilaterally for 7 years, then stepped forward to stop her when he (Lee Min Woo) discovered she had a lover…

However, it appears that Lee Min Woo (Song Won Seok) performs everything too superficially and half-heartedly. Tae Moo and Ha Ri‘s love story will not flourish if his 7-year friendship with Ha Ri has little effect on their love story or daily life as time passes.

As for Min Woo‘s lover, after causing all sorts of things, she didn’t apologize to Ha Ri but instead asked him to apologize for her

This character’s ending is also messy. He chose to travel to Europe and hoped that when he returned, the two would still be friends.

The two haven’t had a clear explanation to the confusing one-sided love tale for the previous 7 years, but the difficulty Min Woo‘s girlfriend caused Ha Ri is enough for an indirect apology. So, what’s the point of a 7-year romance between Ha Ri and Min Woo?

What’s too bad about not giving the main couple a wedding together?

Originally, the ending of “Business Proposal” is predictable, even happy ending, but it causes dissatisfaction, even boredom. There is no knot to untie, contradictory events appear in the form of “yes, but there was no“.

Business Proposal” crams up all the details in 60 minutes, including conflict, resolution to misunderstanding… And it’s all done through loudspeakers, cutting as much as they can.

Typically, Tae Moo goes to the press because of rumors of a romantic relationship, but only a minute later and with an explanation, it’s all over again. It makes viewers feel like they don’t have to build that up for nothing, it’s not worth it.

Most controversial is the surprise and rather superficial proposal scene, which lasted only 3 minutes of the main couple without a wedding or a more romantic scene.

If it’s a tragic drama, the main couple goes through so many ups and downs, maybe it’s too fulfilling to be together, but the “Business Proposal” is romantic and sweet, so what’s too bad about not giving the main couple a wedding together?

Business Proposal” aired the last episode on SBS on the evening of April 5.



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