Netizens Express Their Discontent Over The “Happy Ending” Finale Of “Business Proposal”

Why is the audience not satisfied with the ending of “Business Proposal“?

After 12 stormy  episodes, “Business Proposal”  finally ended with a happy ending for the two main couples. Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop)  proposes to Ha Ri  (Kim Se Jeong)  after a year of long distance love.

Young Seo  (Seol In Ah)  quit her job at her father’s company, moved in with Sung Hoon  (Kim Min Kyu), and the two even established their own company. 

Such a satisfying ending, but the audience is still not satisfied.

The problem is because in the last episode, the main couple took a year apart, then met again and ended the love story with an unexpected and rather superficial marriage proposal.

The audience longs for a fairy-tale wedding or at least there must be more eye-catching emotional scenes for this couple.

The audience even made memes to send them to SBS

Audience reaction after the last episode:

  • Episode 12 is too short and the ending is rushed? ㅜㅜ Please make it up to episode 16, get married, have a baby, and please do it.
  • It felt like an abrupt ending, so it was very disappointing ㅜㅜ
  • I don’t know why it’s only episode 12 ㅜㅜ I think we need to have an Season 2 ㅜㅜ Why are you making such a short drama?
  • I’ve been waiting for Monday and Tuesday with excitement, but it feels like it went by too quickly… I think it would have been better if it was a 16-episode series. The two of them were so lovely ㅜㅜ I hope to see them again in the next project
  • At the end of the day, It feels like the main couple was thrown out in the back room while solving an episode with the people around them!
  • As it was made into 12 episodes, the last episode unfolded too quickly and the ending felt like it was just a proposal ㅠㅠ The 16-episodes format is the rule of thumb.
  • It would have been better if there were 16 episodes.. Happy ending is good, but it’s too bad and unsatisfying.
  • I think episode 12 is a bit short. I feel like something has ended abruptly. The existing 16 or at least 14 seems to be necessary.
  • Until episode 14?… No, it would have been great if there was only 1 extra episode. It’s too sad to end with 12 episodes. It’s a happy ending, but why do writers end up with such a hazy ending?
  • Drama special these days: “You don’t have to watch the last episode. You’ll get disappointed”
  • In the original story, I was looking forward to the scene where Tae Moo’s Grandpa stepped forward and took the side of the sub-couple and said that he was my grandson…. Suddenly, it was a proposal-like ending, and the feeling of watching it was broken.
  • If it had been 16 episodes, it would have been a wedding scene for Tae Moo & Hari. It’s a really good drama. It’s good because there’s no stuffy development. I was really happy watching this drama.. Next time, please do 16 episodes!



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