Lee Min Ho Reveals The Truth About The Hot Scene In “Pachinko”

On April 6, Dazed Korea magazine published a series of cover photos for the April issue.

The face of this month’s Dazed cover is the popular actor Lee Min Ho.

After a long time in the magazine, Lee Min Ho made people scream at his handsome face and attractive style, as well as the ideal supermodel body.

The actor has been in the profession for 19 years, but always makes the audience admire because of his ability to recreate beauty every time there is a new project.

Especially in the close-up zoomed photo, the actor shows off his sharp, high nose bridge and sharp jawline as if he wants to cut into fans’ hearts.

Lee Min Ho is handsome with no dead ends in each photo, proving the visual level of the top male god in the Korean film industry.

Lee Min Ho has an incredibly straight nose bridge with a sharp jawline.

Others are afraid to take close-up photos, but Lee Min Ho‘s only photo is zoomed in, the closer he is, the more he shows off his perfect visual

Dressed in an elegant and disruptive outfit, the male screen god made women scream because of every detail from his sharp facial lines, and ecstatic expressions to his emotional eyes.

The floating hair enhances the romantic features of the male god Meteor Garden

Either way, Lee Min Ho is still perfect

The black and white photos enhance the handsomeness and “deadly” charm of the actor born in 1987

Everyone has to admire the facial features of the cult male god.

Every line on his face is extremely sharp, creating a beautiful angle

Not only has a beautiful face, Lee Min Ho is also 187 cm tall and has a perfect body like a supermodel.

Notably, in this magazine, the actor also shared about the hot scene that caused a storm on social networks him and co-star Kim Min Ha in the movie Pachinko.

This is the first time this screen male idol plays such a bold scene.

Answering Dazed magazine , Lee Min Ho said that before filming the kiss or bed scenes, the actors were consulted by an acting expert on psychology and emotions.

Thanks to that, he successfully completed the hot scene, and at the same time became closer to the acting expert after the film closed.

This is Lee Min Ho’s first time doing a hot scene on screen.


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