Seol In Ah Revealed the Things She MUST Go Through Before Her Bed Scene With Kim Min Gue In “Business Proposal”

To get the explosive hot scene in “A Business Proposal“, Seol In Ah and Kim Min Kyu had to do this together.

A Business Proposal” is currently one of the hottest Korean series in 2022, each episode attracts a large number of viewers and is a hot topic of discussion every time the series ends.

Recently, Seol In Ah , who plays Jin Young Seo – a close friend of the female lead Ha Ri, shared about the scene in which she was very happy when it ended.

Specifically, during a televised exchange, during the Jenga game session with the cast of “A Business Proposal“, when asked “What are you happy about lately?“.

Seol In Ah immediately replied: “That’s when I ended the hot scene with Kim Min Kyu (playing Cha Sung Hoon) in ‘A Business Proposal‘”.

The actress said that the hot scene of the two in the series was a difficult scene because in order to express it most, the two had to maintain a strict diet. 

When Young Seo and Cha Sung Hoon‘s bed scene ended, I really wanted to celebrate. Maintaining the body to have a beautiful hot scene was really difficult. Now I can eat. what I like” – Seol In Ah shared.

After hearing the co-star’s share, Kim Min Kyu also agreed, “I also quit the diet. Recently I have been able to eat normally again“.

Although the two had to go through a strict diet to have a satisfactory scene, the hot scene of secretary Cha and young lady Young Seo was one of the scenes that made fans most confused in the series.

Not to mention, the times when secretary Cha‘s body was revealed, showing off the “mlem” body was also enthusiastically shared by netizens.



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