Netizens Are Sad Seeing BTS Jin In Pain After Finger Surgery

BTS Jin, who underwent surgery on his index finger due to tendon damage, showed a very painful appearance as if he had not yet recovered.

After attending the ‘64th Grammy Awards’ ceremony on April 4, BTS communicated with fans through a V-App live broadcast.

In the video, the members shared their feelings about participating in the awards ceremony and prepared to drink champagne with pizza.

Jin, who was eating pizza, was startled by the sudden sound of champagne opening the lid.

After that, Jin drew attention by showing a grimacing expression on his face in pain.

Jin said, “I was surprised and pounded my hand on my knee,” and tried to smile as if it was okay to the members who were worried but in pain.

Sitting next to him, V comforted Jin by gently wrapping his bandaged hand.

Fans expressed concern at the appearance of Jin complaining of pain even with a slight touch.

On this day, Jin went on stage with a cast on his hand at the ’64th Grammy Awards’ ceremony. 

Although Jin must have had a sore hand that had not yet recovered, he finished the stage professionally without any sign of discomfort, and fans praised him.

Meanwhile, Jin underwent suture surgery last month after a part of the tendon of the index finger of his left hand was damaged.

In order to recover quickly, Jin is carrying out the schedule effortlessly while wearing a protector after surgery.


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