Netizens Express Their Discontent Over The Finale Of “Twenty Five Twenty One”

Viewers’ complaints erupted at the end of the drama “Twenty Five Twenty One“, which was called the “Life Drama” at the beginning of the broadcast.

tvN‘s Saturday drama “Twenty Five Twenty One“, which ended on April 3rd, showed the last appearance of Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri).

On the show, 25 years old Baek Yi Jin and 21 years old Na Hee Do broke up because they were tired of long-distance relationships. Na Hee Do said, “This love is no longer my strength. I want to stop eating each other’s food while feeling sorry and resentful“, she said to Baek.

Since then, Na Hee Do‘s diary, which Baek Yi Jin left to the owner of the comic book store, was returned to the original owner through Na Hee Do‘s daughter Kim Min Chae (Choi Myung Bin).

Na Hee Do (Kim So Hyun), in her 40s, who saw her diary in her young days, said, “I learned love because of you and now I know how to break up. Thank you. I loved you with all my heart. Goodbye, Baek Yi Jin“. Baek Yi Jin also said, “You don’t know how much the love you taught me made my life shine. Goodbye, Na Hee Do“.

Na Hee Do said, “I misunderstood that I had love and friendship for a while. After a while, everything was a practice. The moments when we talked about eternity without thinking. I really liked the illusion. But there was one thing I could have had. The summer of that year was ours“, she recalled his past relationships.

Eventually, Na Hee Do had to face a breakup without a twist until the end. Na Hee Do‘s husband and Kim Min Chae‘s father were not revealed.

Viewers’ resentment exploded when Na Hee Do‘s husband, who had been a double track since the beginning of the drama, did not appear.

At the beginning of the show, viewers’ disappointment was bound to grow because the drama was well-received for its attractive characters and solid narratives.

Even the online community “TheQoo” posted a post titled “Today’s Worst Reaction Drama“, sparking complaints.

TheQoo” users showed negative reactions, such as “It’s the worst ever“, “I was comforted and happy at first, but I don’t know why I watched it until the end“, “If it was a good sad ending, this wouldn’t be the reaction“, “I think the problem is that I watched this drama until the end.“, and “There is some anticlimax“.

Meanwhile, “Our Blues“, the sequel to “Twenty Five Twenty One“, will premiere at 9:10 p.m. on April 9th.



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