Netizens Claim Oh My Girl’s Latest Comeback Was A Massive Disappointment

Many netizens were dismayed by the return of the girl group that generated such a stir in 2021.

On March 28, Oh My Girl officially returned to the K-pop race with the song “Real Love“. Having achieved success after Queendom with a series of consecutive hits: “Non-stop“, “Dolphin” and “Dun Dun Dance“.

Oh My Girl has become a formidable girl group name among 3rd generation K-pop groups. Therefore, Oh My Girl‘s “Real Love” continues to be expected to help the group make things happen.

The rank of the song “Real Love” is even lower than the old song “Dun Dun Dance”

However, unlike previous hit songs, in the area of ​​digital music strength, the song “Real Love” has a poor ranking, even on Melon it has dropped to a lower rank than the song released nearly a year ago (Dun Dun Dance).

Not only having low digital music rankings, the full album “Real Love” is expected to break Dear‘s album sales record, but after 6 days, the sales of “Real Love” only reached nearly 48,240 copies.

This number is not even close to Dear‘s first day sales (53 thousand copies).

After 6 days, Real Love’s sales only reached nearly 48,240 copies

Netizens made many assumptions for Oh My Girl’s so called “flop” comeback:

  • In my opinion, giving “Drip” as the title will be easier to absorb than “Real Love“.
  • Actually, this song is a bit difficult to listen to.
  • Is it because WM Entertainment is acting negligently after being acquired by RBW?
  • You must now repack 1 fresh or exciting music, such as “Non-stop” or “Dun Dun Dance,” or a fairy-themed song, such as “Secret Garden” or “The Fifth Season,” before removing it.
  • Give Oh My Girl more comebacks!
  • I had high hopes as well, but I’m sad to say that this song falls short.
  • This comeback deviates from the concept that made Oh My Girl so successful, and the song is terrible.
  • To be honest, the production staff on “Real Love” is terrible. This song isn’t good enough for the title, but it’s not bad enough for the b-side.

Before the comeback was considered a “flop“, Oh My Girl has owned songs for about 2 years now that have achieved good results on popular Korean music charts.

The group even surpassed a series of formidable opponents such as BLACKPINK, TWICE to achieve a record with the song “Non-stop“.

In August 2021, the song “Non-stop” has appeared in Melon‘s Top 100 for 480 consecutive days, thereby beating the record of 479 days held by TWICE‘s “Cheer Up“.

Besides, the popular b-side song “Dolphin” at that time also ranked 3rd when it stayed on the chart for 474 days.



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