HyunA Discovered To Have Cried After VIVIZ’s Passionate Performance In “Queendom 2”

Singer HyunA shed tears while watching the VIVIZ‘s passionate stage.

On April 1st, dancer and choreographer Joo Joo Hyeon shared her daily life with HyunA on her Instagram story.

In the video, Hyuna wiped her tears while sitting in the living room wearing pajamas and without makeup. Joo Joo Hyeon explained the situation in the video, saying, “She cried watching Queendom’s VIVIZ stage“.

HyunA wiped her tears with both hands and said, “I’m so sad.”

The stage where HyunA shed tears was “Time for the Moonight” and “Rough“, which VIVIZ presented on Mnet‘s “Queendom 2“. VIVIZ consists of 3 members from the group “GFRIEND“. “GFRIEND“, who were originally 6 members, ended their exclusive contracts without renewing and eventually disbanded and walk their respective paths.

At that time, the sudden disbandment of the team caused a considerable shock to the music industry as well as the fans. However, it is known that the members are still supporting each other and continuing their friendship.

Watch the performance of VIVIZ Here:



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