Singer Lee Hyo Ri Shared Her Thoughts Of Her Bestfriend Hwasa Who Has An Issue Of Not Wearing An Underwear

Singer Lee Hyo Ri shared her honest thoughts on the issue of her best friend Hwasa’s ‘not wearing underwear’.

In Wave’s original Mamamoo four-part series ‘MMM_Where are we now‘, which was released on March 25, Hwasa frankly confessed about the emotional changes she had to go through due to the baptism of malicious comments after her debut.

Hwasa said, “I felt unhappy. Communicating with fans through music is everything to me, and I even didn’t want to do music.”

Hwasa said, “I’ve been lonely about the conflict of being a bad person rather than living like a fool,” and added, “It’s not a feeling that I feel alone, but a conflict that most people living in the world face.”

Senior Lee Hyo Ri, who appeared in the video, mentioned Hwasa’s ‘not wearing underwear’ issue and said, “Hwasa is not the type to intend to do that. It must have been natural.”

When Hwasa returned home to Incheon International Airport after completing her overseas schedule in July 2019, controversy arose over her fashion without a top or underwear. 

Mamamoo’s worldview, including the work process of Hwasa, who made a mega-hit with her first solo album ‘Maria‘, is included in ‘Mamamoo_We are We Are Now’.


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