“A Business Proposal” Actor Kim Min Kyu Reveals His Ideal Type Which Is Surprisingly Applicable To Everyone — Yes, Even Seol In Ah

Actor Kim Min Kyu, who wrote a new history of “Glasses” with “A Business Proposal”, is gaining popularity.

Kim Min Kyu, who played Kang Tae Mo (Ahn Hyo Seop)‘s secretary Cha Sung Hoon, drew attention when he took off his glasses when he kissed his lover Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah).

Amid a flood of female fans who fell in love with Kim Min Kyu, who is full of sexiness, Kim Min Kyu’s ideal type is also being re-examined.

In 2019, News Aid released a video of “Word-Writing Profile” conducted with Kim Min Kyu. 

In the video, Kim Min Kyu stole the attention by showing off his handsome appearance with just one basic denim shirt.

Kim Min Kyu then briefly answered the questions that followed quickly and revealed his taste without filtering.

Kim Min Kyu stated clearly that he appreciates people who aren’t pretentious and that he despises people who are pretentious.

When asked, “How do you deal with someone you like?” he smiled, saying, “I show my admiration for that person and applaud them”.

Meanwhile, according to Nielsen Korea, the 10th episode of “A Business Proposal” aired on March 29th continued its march to the top of Monday-Tuesday dramas, recording 12.1% of households in the Seoul metropolitan area and 11.6% of households nationwide.

The 2049 target audience rating was 4.7%, ranking first among all programs broadcast on Tuesday. The highest viewer rating per minute soared to 13.2 percent.



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