7 Male Celebrities Who Resemble Pokemon Characters

The recent re-release of ‘Pokemon Bread’, which was very popular in the 2000s, is creating a huge craze.

In particular, collecting the ‘sticky seals’ (stickers that can be put on and taken off) in ‘Pokemon Bread’ has become a trend, and interest in Pokemon characters has risen accordingly.

Thanks to this popularity, stars resembling Pokémon are also being re-emerged.

Let’s meet the stars who are attracting attention because they have the same appearance as the cute Pokemon.

Kim Gu Ra  – Blue

Blue‘, with a cute and threatening expression, resembles Kim Gu Ra.

The slightly raised eyes, closed mouth, and plump cheeks are particularly similar, causing laughter from fans.

The character Blue is popular because he is actually quite timid, unlike his mean face.

Jeong Jun Ha – Todogas

Jeong Jun Ha from the so-called ‘Bomb Head’ days resembles ‘Todo Gas’.

The tired expression that is the trademark of Todogas is almost similar to the expression shown by Jeong Jun Ha in MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ and ‘High Kick without hesitation’.

Even their round faces are identical, boasting great similarity.

Yang Se Hyung- Kkebi Charm

Yang Se Hyung, who is loved for his cute appearance and sensible talk, looks similar to ‘Kaebi Charm’.

The slightly protruding mouth, slender eyes, and small height are especially the same.

Kaebi Cham is one of the characters that is receiving a lot of support by diligently moving its small wings to protect its territory.

Hong Seok Cheon – Digda

Digda‘, with its brown skin and cute expression, boasts a high synchronization rate with Hong Seok Cheon.

Thanks to Hong Seok Cheon‘s smooth skin, there are many sayings that he especially resembles him.

Digda is a Mole-type Pokémon, and it is an indispensable and precious existence in the Pokémon world by properly cultivating the ground.

Jung Hyung Don- Sleep

The Pokemon ‘Sleep’, which has the concept of living while eating dreams, reminds me of Jung Hyung Don.

Sleep, with a chubby body and smiling eyes, boasts a high synchro rate with Jung Hyung-don.

Sleep is a character with a warm heart that shows the dream he ate the most when he became close.

Kim Woo Bin – Charizard

Kim Woo Bin, who is scheduled to return with his real-life lover Shin Min Ah for tvN’s ‘Our Blues’, is famous for his resemblance to ‘Charizard’.

Charizard is the final evolution of ‘Pyree’ and boasts a large height and solid body shape.

Boasting charming eyes and overwhelming charisma, Charizard has a visual comparable to Kim Woo Bin.

Suga – Ufa

BTS member Suga is a ‘right-wing’ resemblance that even the eldest brother Jin acknowledged.

Ufa is an attractive Pokémon with cute features and a gentle personality.

The expression on the right side when surprised or smiling is especially the same as that of Suga, making it famous among fans.


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