“A Business Proposal” Showed An Interesting Drink Recipe That Non-Drinker Viewers Want To Try It Too

A Business Proposal‘ Deputy Director Gye Bin (Lim Ki Hong)’s bomb wine-making scene is gathering topics after the broadcast.

In the 9th episode of SBS’s ‘A Business Proposal‘, which aired on the 28th, the secret relationship between the manager  Yeo Eui Ju (Kim Hyun Sook) and the deputy chief Gye Bin was drawn.

Shin Ha Ri(played by Kim Se Jeong) went into the men’s restroom after stopping the fight between the two, and once again ran into a bad relationship with Chairman Kang Da Goo (played by Lee Deok Hwa).

Shin Ha Ri is firmly stamped on a plate that cannot be seen well by Kang Tae Moo‘s grandfather. Director Yeo Eui Ju suggested a dinner party out of regret, and on the way home from work, president Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) joined in an embarrassing situation.

The food development team dinner scene devastated the small screen with comical and exciting episodes.

At the words of Kang Tae Moo that he likes bomb liquor, Deputy Director Gye Bin got up and started making bomb liquor.

Deputy chief Gye shakes the soju to the fullest, removes toxins, and pours it into a beer mug. Then, he opened the beer bottle cap with a spoon and made ‘wheat’.

This is a dynamite wine made with my ‘blood sweat and tears,” he said, making everyone laugh by performing BTS Dynamite‘ dance.

President Kang Tae Moo, who was watching this, took a glass of wine handed to him by the Deputy Chief of Staff and took a one-shot.

In the scene that followed, the deputy chief Gye was cleaning up the messy interior of the restaurant to make bomb wine, adding to the laughter.

Viewers who watched the broadcast responded enthusiastically, such as “Deputy Chief Gye’s social life is full”, “I wanted to drink alcohol in the scene of making bomb wine”, “I can’t drink and I hate it, but I want to try that”, etc.


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