Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin Both Confirmed To Lead Upcoming 40 Billion Space Drama “Ask The Stars”

Actors Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin have officially confirmed their appearance in the drama “Ask the Stars”.

Ask the Stars” is a drama set in Korea’s first space station with a five-year preparation period, directed by Seo Sook Hyang, a master of romantic comedies such as “Pasta” and “Jealousy Incarnation,” and producer Park Shin Woo, who proved his skills through “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay“.

Ask the Stars” is a full-fledged “space romantic comedy” genre between the space station and the Earth, with Lee Min Ho playing the role of a missionary obstetrician “Gong Ryong” leaving the space station as an astronaut in the play, and Gong Hyo Jin playing the role of Korean-American astronaut “Eve Kim“.

Against the new background of “Universe“, the two are considered as expected works among K-drama fans around the world as well as domestic fans to see what kind of fateful encounter they will draw.

Ask the Stars“, which launched a signal of full-fledged production along with the confirmation of the two actors’ appearance, is scheduled to begin filming in April with the aim of simultaneously releasing it on domestic channels and global OTT in 2023.



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