Lee Min Ho’s Female Lead In “Pachinko” Made A Strong Impression With Her Acting And Visuals Even Compared To Kim Go Eun

Thanks to the hot scene with Lee Min Ho in the series “Pachinko“, the name of this actress is being searched by the entire online community.

The series “Pachinko” is finally officially broadcast after a long time of waiting by the audience. People are extremely surprised and excited by the 180-degree change in the image of the male god Lee Min Ho. Fans were even more surprised when right in episode 2, Lee Min Ho had a hot scene with the female lead Kim Min Ha.

The whole online community couldn’t help but feel feverish, exploding with the lovemaking of the new screen couple. Besides, people began to compete with each other to “hunt down” the profile of the female lead. Kim Min Ha made a strong impression with her top-notch acting ability and unique beauty, even being compared with Kim Go EunLee Min Ho‘s screen love and rumored love.

Famous after 1 night thanks to the hot scene with Lee Min Ho

6 years with 8 big and small films, however, the name Kim Min Ha is still quite fuzzy in the audience’s mind

Kim Min Ha is a young actress born on September 1, 1995, currently under Saram Entertainmnet – the company that manages many famous artists such as Sooyoung (SNSD), Park Gyu Young… She began to fall in love with acting career since 2016.

In 6 years of operation, she has pocketed 8 roles in films such as: “After Spring“, “The Call“, “Killer Swell: Our Space” and etc. but still has not been able to resonate despite her impressive acting ability. Recently, the actress took on the lead role in the series “Not Alright, But It’s Alright“, but it still hasn’t been able to shine.

However, because of her somewhat obscure name, Kim Min Ha is more curious than ever before when she has the opportunity to become the new screen love of the male god Lee Min Ho. Thanks to the hot scene with Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha became the name that was talked about, covered all over the forums only after the international blockbuster “Pachinko” aired.

The hot scene between Kim Min Ha and Lee Min Ho caused the online community to explode. 
Kim Min Ha’s name next to Lee Min Ho’s name has also been mentioned continuously since then

The beauty is out of standard, compared to Kim Go Eun

In the past, Lee Min Ho used to pair with a whole bunch of dreamlike beauties, so people are even more looking forward to the actor’s new “muse“. But Kim Min Ha‘s beauty is somewhat controversial when it is not beautiful in Korean standards. However, there are still many viewers who think that despite her deviant beauty, Kim Min Ha is uniquely beautiful and has her own charm.

The overall beauty is not too outstanding, but Kim Min Ha has a rare charm, located in her sad and fragile eyes. The innocent and gentle beauty of the “muse” makes the audience feel like they want to protect and protect. Freckle-spotted skin is also one of the unique features that only Kim Min Ha has.

Kim Min Ha‘s deviant beauty is compared to Kim Go Eun‘s senior. Many fans expect the beauty “Pachinko” to follow in the footsteps of her seniors and put her name on the list of the most popular Korean actors in the future.

Kim Min Ha is considered to have a deviant beauty, although not the taste of the Korean public. 
But she exudes a very unique charm
The beauty of the actress has an innocent and clear features, especially sad eyes have become a trademark



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