Lee Min Ho Accused Of Using A Stunt Double During Hot Scenes In “Pachinko”

Netizens believe that Pachinko used a stuntman for Lee Min Ho‘s hot scene.

After a long wait, Lee Min Ho ‘s “Pachinko” finally officially released the first 3 episodes in a row. While episode 1 unfolds the story of the main character, from birth to death of his father, interwoven with current contexts, episode 2 offers a look at Sun Ja‘s (Kim Min Ho) teenage years. Ha), when she met Han Su (Lee Min Ho).

Han Su is a Korean businessman who recently returned from Japan. Rich and handsome, but in the eyes of everyone, Han Su is just a cold-blooded merchant, doing dirty work for an influential person and living a debauched and wasteful life. Sun Ja only knows about Han Su through such gossip while Han Su falls in love with her from the first time he accidentally sees her.

Han Su once helped Sun Ja when she was arrested by two Japanese men who tried to rape her, since then the two became close. Sun Ja realizes that Han Su is not as bad as rumored.

At the end of episode 2, Sun Ja broke up with the man she loved. Although they have not been close and have known Han Su for a long time, the two had a passionate lovemaking scene.

The hot scene in the woods of the two is not revealing or offensive, but only stops at the kiss and focuses on the female lead’s expression. However, this hot scene still caused a fever on social networks, the reason being because this was the first time Lee Min Ho acted in a hot scene in a drama.

Audience comments:

  • Korean dramas are different now.
  • The female lead acts well, this is the first hot scene in Lee Min Ho’s life but he doesn’t have to act much.
  • While all of his on-screen exes are married, he just had his first hot scene in his career.
  • But the female lead’s acting is so good, Lee Min Ho doesn’t even need to act this scene.

Because it is the first hot scene in his career, the audience is extremely excited about Lee Min Ho‘s role this time. However, some other viewers believe that the person who plays the hot scene in the movie is not a handsome actor but another stuntman.

Lee Min Ho is known as the Korean screen male god because of his enduringly attractive beauty over the years, but when he looks at the male god’s side angle in the hot scene in Pachinko , his shortcomings are revealed, causing some viewers to believe that the person who performed the hot scene was another actor.

Netizens commented that the above hot scene was not performed by Lee Min Ho:

  • Why doesn’t the side angle look like Lee Min Ho, everyone?
  • Lee Min Ho’s tilt angle is weird.
  • Do series like this ever use stuntmen?
  • It’s not Lee Min Ho.
  • Is this tilt angle real Lee Min Ho or fake Lee Min Ho?

Currently, there is no official information to verify that Lee Min Ho‘s hot scene is a stuntman, but it is undeniable that his acting in the movie is highly appreciated by the audience.



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