“A Business Proposal” Fans Are Actively Shipping This Office Duo Even Though They Only Appear In A Few Scenes

This couple is Ha Ri‘s (Kim Se Jeong) superior in “A Business Proposal“.

Besides the sweet and humorous love story of the main couple and the supporting couple in “A Business Proposal“, there is still another office duo being actively shipped by fans in the series.

It is the head of the department Yeo Eui Ju (Kim Hyun Sook) and the deputy department head Gye Bin (Im Ki Hong) of Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) at the company.

Accordingly, even though they only appeared in a few scenes, every time they aired, it was as if the couple would create laughter and excitement thanks to their charming acting and good corners.

While Yeo Eui Ju is somewhat grumpy, strong and determined, Gye Bin‘s male side is much weaker, fragile and graceful.

But the couple always appear together, when going out to eat, go out, drink, even go to the movies together and every time they are together, they will never stop fighting. Yeo Eui Ju even bullied and threatened to beat Gye Bin. And Gye Bin kept making jokes, angering Yeo Eui Ju.

Netizen’s comment:

  • I’m fainting.
  • Every time I come to this couple, I can’t stand the humor.
  • So cute.
  • This couple together are very suitable to each other.
  • It’s like you’re the roof of the house.
  • I’m busy shipping this pair here.
  • No matter what drama, both of them are cute



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