Netflix Confirms Season 2 Production Of “Single’s Inferno”

The Netflix romance survival program ‘Single’s Inferno‘, which has been a big topic in each episode, is returning with season 2.

According to TV Daily on March 24, Netflix recently decided to produce season 2 of Single’s Inferno‘.

The specific filming date and release date have not been decided yet.

The program production team is currently in the process of recruiting participants.

Single’s Inferno‘ is a program that matches young men and women who do not have a lover but are full of charm on a deserted island so that they can enjoy a hot date.

Viewers will watch the entire process of the couple being born, from how the cast captures the opposite sex they like.

Season 1 was popular not only in Korea but also abroad, as it portrays the romantic process of a young man and woman in a realistic and candid way.

With actors Song Ji Ah, Shin Ji Yeon, Ahn Ye Won, Choi Si Hoon, Cha Hyeon Seung, and Kim Hyun Joong rising to stardom with the success of ‘Single’s Inferno, there is already a lot of interest in whether or not attractive stars will be born in Season 2.


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