Lee Min Ho Was Praised By Foreign Media Outlets For His Acting Transformation In “Pachinko”

Foreign media continues to praise actor Lee Min Ho.

Through the Apple TV+ original series ‘Pachinko‘, which will be released simultaneously around the world on March 25, Lee Min Ho shows off his perfect character digestion and new transformation and is receiving rave reviews from major overseas media outlets.

Pachinko‘, starring Lee Min Ho, is based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name and is a delicate and warm story about the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family. Lee Min Ho takes on the role of ‘Han Soo’, who changes the trajectory as he enters the life of a young Seon Ja, and plays a character who falls in a secret and dangerous love.

First, the Hollywood Reporter, a media specializing in American films, praised Lee Min Ho‘s ability to digest his character, saying, “I was impressed by Lee Min Ho’s acting, which transcends a sophisticated and intimidating character, and expresses the character of Han Soo in a complex and mysterious way.”

SHOWBIZ CHEATSHEET, a media outlet specializing in entertainment, also focused on Lee Min Ho‘s acting transformation, which he had never seen before, saying, “Lee Min Ho’s fans will see him as Han Soo from a new perspective.”

DECIDER, an American pop culture magazine, said, “Kogonada, director Justin Chon’s directing, Soo Hugh’s script, and an ensemble of actors complete a huge and aesthetic story.” He praised the actors and directors who worked with ‘Pachinko‘.

CNET, a famous American media outlet, showed affection for Lee Min Hos realistic acting, saying, “I breathe life into the character with sincerity and delicacy.”

In particular, the American media, THE ILLUMINERDI, praised Lee Min Ho‘s voice, lines, and eyes, analyzing even the details, saying, “The bright eyes looking at Sun Ja showed a grim danger lurking in his eyes.”

He then added, “Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha showed a tight chemistry between oppression and passion.”

Lee Min Ho is expected to show off his fatal charm by taking on the role of Han Soo, as he only stared at the message and character of ‘Pachinko‘. In addition, the complex inner conflict between love and ambition is beautifully portrayed, and the anticipation of fans around the world is rising by foretelling a strong presence with different acting that has not been shown before.

After the global premiere of ‘Pachinko‘, many influential foreign media gave Lee Min Ho‘s sympathetic acting as well as a high score of A+ for his work, raising viewers’ curiosity.


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