Lee Eun Saem Confessed That She Practiced Smoking For Her Role In “All Of Us Are Dead”

Actress Lee Eun Saem confessed her secret effort for ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

In episode 761 of MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘ aired on March 23, Kim Ha Kyun, Lee Eun Saem, Hwang Hwang Seong, and Kang Hyeong Wook appeared as guests.

On this day, Lee Eun Saem said that she realized her popularity by seeing the exponentially increasing number of SNS followers.

In the Netflix original series ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘, Lee Eun Saem disassembled herself as a swearing older sister and Park Mi Jin in high school. 

Park Mi Jin left a strong impression on the public by showing her smoking in the bathroom since her first appearance.

Lee Eun Saem also picked the bathroom smoking scene as the most memorable scene in ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

In reality, it was a scene that required a lot of effort because he was a non-smoker.

Lee Eun Saem said, “Because I am a non-smoker, I practiced smoking while smoking a pack of tobacco. The director gave me hand gestures and even the details of sucking and spitting when I put out a cigarette.” 

When MC Yoo Se Yoon asked, “Are you a smoker now?

Lee Eun Saem replied, “I am a non-smoker,” and burst into laughter.

Also, Lee Eun Saem surprised everyone by saying that the previous work of ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ was MBC’s ‘The Red Sleeve‘.

Lee Eun Saem, who played the role of the court lady Yeong Hee in the play, said, “Everyone was surprised.


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