“All Of Us Are Dead” Lee Eun Saem Followers Surged From 8,000 To 1.2 Million

Actress Lee Eun Saem shows off her wit.

Lee Eun Saem said in the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star‘, which will be aired at 10:30 pm on March 23, “The number of SNS followers, which was about 8,000 before ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ was released, jumped to 1.2 million after the content was released.”

She also revealed the secret behind the filming, saying, “I practiced swearing a lot in order to digest the character Mi Jin of ‘The Profanity’.”

Lee Eun Saem said, “I learned a curse from this person,” and pointed out her surprise character, raising her curiosity.

Lee Eun Saem took on the role of Park Mi Jin, a high school senior who was abusive in Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘, which was released in January.

All Of Us Are Dead‘ topped Netflix worldwide in just one day after its release.


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