Netizens Praise Nam Joo Hyuk’s Reporting Skills In “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”

Nam Joo Hyuk‘s perfect reporting skills in the tvN drama ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘ are attracting attention.

In the recently successfully aired tvN ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘, Nam Joo Hyuk plays the role of Baek Yi Jin, a reporter for a sports station.

Although Nam Joo Hyuk took on the role of a broadcast reporter for the first time, he has nevertheless been praised for his perfect performance.

Among them, the scene of reporting in heavy rain that aired on March 20 received particularly favorable reviews.

Nam Joo Hyuk‘s reporting skills, equipped with stable breathing, tone of voice, heavy vocalization and serious eyes, are truly top-notch.

The reason he was able to report perfectly was because of his hidden effort. 

It is said that Nam Joo Hyuk met with a sports reporter in person and was instructed, and he listened to the recorded files over and over and carefully practiced pronunciation and vocalization. 

A drama official said that Nam Joo Hyuk was constantly looking for sports news to get used to the news flow and to learn the characteristics of the language.

Netizens cheered enthusiastically with reactions such as “It’s really cool to see the continuous development” and “It’s like news when you close your eyes.”

On the other hand, tvN’s ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘, in which Nam Joo Hyuk‘s passionate performance shines, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 pm.


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