Nam Joo Hyuk “Confession? I did it a lot in kindergarten and elementary school”

Nam Joo Hyuk‘s pictorial has been released.

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who is stealing the hearts of viewers by playing Baek Yi Jin in the tvN drama “Twenty Five Twenty One“, decorated the cover of the April issue of “Esquire” as Dior Man’s Ambassador.

Baek Yi Jin, played by Nam Joo Hyuk, graduated from the high school where Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) attended in the play four years earlier and played the role of a senior broadcasting club member who became a sports reporter .

In particular, on the day of the photo shoot and interview, Na Hee Do‘s line, “I need to have you,” was aired shortly after the eighth episode, which drew attention.

When asked about confession of youth, Nam Joo Hyuk said, “I’ve done it a lot in kindergarten and elementary school“.

He added, “If I liked someone, I confessed it, and there were times when someone confessed to me because that person liked me. If that person did that to you, you have to say good things. The important thing is that you can achieve anything only by trying“.

Nam Joo Hyuk also confessed his difficulties in acting in an interview. He said, “As I played a lot of youth, my motivation to show a different side of me had become a little smaller before. That’s why I felt more difficult to act in this work“, adding, “I was able to find the right answer by talking a lot with the director and fellow actors.”

The filming site of “Twenty Five Twenty One” is famous for its bright atmosphere. Nam Joo Hyuk also said in an interview that day, “I played table tennis and foot volleyball with the staff actors. Even though I was thinking about it, the atmosphere on the set was good, so it was comfortable when I acted on the spot“.

He then said, “I’m always thinking about how I can act without exaggerating”, adding, “I want to act naturally as if a river flows“.

The April 2022 issue of Esquire, which Nam Joo Hyuk covered, will be available at bookstores from March 22, 2022 and can be found on the Esquire Korea website.



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