4 Effective Dating Strategy We Learned From Kang Tae Moo In “A Business Proposal”

Dating is not easy, even a director like Kang Tae Moo has to scratch his head.

When we realize that we have a good impression of a girl, we’ll find a way to ask her out. However, what kind of invitation, what kind of invitation to make the invitation accepted again is something that not every man knows.

If you are also pondering the same issue, take the time to watch “A Business Proposal“. Even though it’s a series with a familiar motif that tells the story of a rich handsome handsome man who falls in love with an ordinary girl. In “A Business Proposal“, you still learn a lot of things, for example… The secret to dating.

Today, let the male lead – director Kang Tae Moo teach you 4 skills to be able to invite a girl out with a 100% success rate, and from there, you have the opportunity to create a perfect date and further win her heart.

Asking straight, asking directly is better than to roundabout

To ask a girl out, the most taboo thing is to roundabout, not getting into the main topic. If you want your partner to spend time with you, you have to learn Kang Tae Moo‘s hard work. It’s a straightforward question and confession, “Let’s go out this weekend!

The first advantage of this way is to show your “superior” level. After all, a strong, determined man always makes a better impression.

Secondly, in this way, you can also check your partners reaction immediately, whether that special person listens to your invitation to be interested or cold. From there, you can change your strategy more appropriately.

Talking about work is can also be an excuse

When Kang Tae Moo said to Shin Ha Ri, “Let’s meet for a while, I’m secretly preparing a new product project,” in fact, the CEO is secretly creating an opportunity to close the gap between the two by discussing work and business.

Although it’s hard to keep hearing about numbers, strategies, and work plans… But at the same time, choosing this topic for conversation will rarely cause negative side effects.

Discussing the issue that the two know together will help ease the feeling of falling behind. In addition, your date also becomes more meaningful, special, and unforgettable instead of just a normal dinner.

Watching movies is not always a good choice

Watching a movie and then eating is one of the familiar bullet points that almost every new couple uses on their first date. The reason is because watching movies is a way to kill time, help the date go faster, avoid awkward situations that happen when the two do not really understand each other.

However, director Kang Tae Moo‘s dating experience in the movie has shown that watching the movie is not necessarily the best choice. When the CEO and the employee Shin Ha Ri went to the movies, they accidentally bumped into the director of the department where Shin Ha Ri was working.

In order to avoid detection, Kang Tae Moo had no choice but to quietly escape from the cinema and the dating activities after that could not continue to be completed.

The lesson from this is that don’t always think about going to the movies on your first date. It is true that movie minutes avoid awkwardness, but in other words, it also reduces the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Worst of all, if there are no more good activities after the movie, the rare date between the two will also be “broken” directly.

Start with the other person’s preferences

After the movie date ended in confusion, director Kang Tae Moo changed his plans and started over by paying more attention to Shin Ha Ri. The director even used his “privilege” to create a food tour exclusively for Ha Ri.

Obviously, this was a very smart move when it hit Shin Ha Ri‘s psyche. It’s the same in real life, you’re too busy talking about yourself, there’s no use in polishing about you.

Take the time to find out what the other person likes and talk about it, that’s the way to help both of you make an impression to each other.



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