Lee Joon Gi’s Visuals In His 40’s Take Netizens By Surprise After 6 Years Of Not Eating Carbs

Actor Lee Joon Gi showed off his appearance while he was on a harsh diet.

Recently, the SBS drama “Again My Life” posted stills of the main character Lee Joon Gi on the homepage. In the published photo, Lee Joon Gi showed off his youthful appearance like a freshman in college wearing a hoodie shirt.

In particular, a lot of his cheeks were lost, and his sharp jawline drew attention. He’s 41 years old and looks incredibly well taken care of.

Lee Joon Gi became a hot topic when it was known that he did not eat carbohydrates at all for 6 years to take care of his body. Jung Sang Hoon, who is appearing in the drama together, introduced the menu made for Lee Joon Gi by making fried rice with chicken and tofu as ingredients in KBS 2TV‘s “New Release Pyeonstorang“, which was broadcast on March 18th.

Meanwhile, the drama “Again My Life” starring Lee Joon Gi will premiere on the 8th of next month. In the play, Lee Joon Gi takes on the role of Kim Hee Woo, a hot-blooded prosecutor who died unfairly, but was given an opportunity to live again.



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