Henry’s Instagram Gets Flooded With Hate Over His Apology Written In “Poor Korean” Grammar

Some netizens responded negatively to singer Henry‘s expression of his position in connection with the “pro-Chinese controversy“, saying it was rather a “deception“. 

Earlier on March 19th, Henry posted on his Instagram, “First of all, I’m sorry if I did something wrong, and I’m sorry for everything I did or said wrong“. 

Henry said, “There are so many non-facts on YouTube and articles these days, I didn’t think people would really believe such things” adding, “So I didn’t say anything and was quiet, but people I met in person saw and believed it, so I felt how serious it was. The real pain is mostly because of my blood, not my actions or words“, he explained. 

However, some netizens who saw the apology responded that it was “deception” compared to Henry’s past posts. Netizens compared Henry‘s writings on online fan communities and Instagram pointing out him pretending to be bad at Korean and talking about his bloodline are his gimmicks to victimize himself.

The netizens commented, “How could he become so popular in Korea if Korea was so xenophobic in the first place? I don’t understand why he would bring his bloodline in his apology“, “Well, I understand he could forget Korean since it’s not his first language and he has been promoting in China for a while. But if he wanted to be sincere about his apology he should have at least used a grammar checker. I’ve never seen any Korean idol posting apology in broken English“, “Nothing is wrong with your bloodline? You are Canadian and your parents are from Hongkong and Taiwan lol And you support the One-China policy“, “He made a typo saying sorry in Korean lol The very first thing you’d learn in any language is ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’“, “This is him trying to make more money in China after victimizing himself so this apology is not for Koreans lol

Henry is a Canadian with Hong Kong descent. He made his debut as a member of the group Super Junior M in 2008. Since then, he has gained popularity as three idiots along with Lee Si Eon and Gian 84 on MBC‘s entertainment program “I Live Alone“. 

However, he posted a video of him playing the song “I love you China” on his Weibo account on the violin and drew attention from domestic netizens as he appeared wearing a red mask with the phrase “I love China” on his arrival at Chengdu Airport in China in October last year.

Meanwhile, Henry was appointed as an ambassador for the prevention of school violence at Mapo Police Station in Seoul on March 15th.



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