Actor Lee Kwang Soon Slapped Kim Woo Bin In ‘Unexpected Business 2’

Actor Lee Kwang Soo was angry with Kim Woo Bin for revealing his secret.

On March 17, tvN’s ‘Unexpected Business 2′ aired on the 3rd day of business.

Taking a break from the lack of customers, Lee Kwang Soo confessed to Kim Woo Bin, “I went to pick up fish cakes for lunch a while ago, and the boss gave me a bungeoppang.”

When Kim Woo Bin said, “Did you eat alone?”,

Lee Kwang Soo said, “Give me one and say, ‘Go eat. It’s delicious to eat here,’ so I had no choice but to do it.

Jo In Sung, who was listening to the two of them, said, “What are you two talking about?” He wondered about the conversation between the two.

Kim Woo Bin said, “Didn’t Kwang Soo Hyung go to pick up fish cakes earlier? No,” he said sparingly and confessed, “Once again, I was disappointed with Kwang Soo .” 

Immediately after, Lee Kwang Soo lightly slapped Kim Woo Bin on the cheek and said, “Aren’t you out of your mind? do you look good You can go home and lie down in a little while,”

He is envying Kim Woo Bin, who was excluded from her overtime due to her schedule. Soon, Kim Woo Bin and Jo In Sung burst into laughter.


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