‘A Business Proposal’ Ranked 1st In Netflix Korea Top 10 Beating ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ And ‘Juvenile Justice’

There is a drama that ranked first in Netflix’s ‘Korea Top 10’, beating out popular works such as tvN’s ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘, Netflix’s ‘Juvenile Justice ‘, JTBC’s ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘, and ‘Thirty, Nine’

On March 18, Netflix’s ‘Today’s Top 10 Contents in Korea’ list, released on March 18, ranked first in SBS’s ‘A Business Proposal’.

In the 6th episode, which aired on March 15, the rating of 10.1% was counted, and ‘A Business Proposal‘ recorded its own highest ratings.

Earlier, ‘A Business Proposal‘ started its first episode with a rating of 4.9%.

A Business Proposal‘, which is showing a surprising increase in viewership, is also popular on Netflix, an OTT platform.

A Business Proposal’ is a thrilling ‘prevention of resignation’ office romance between a face-to-face genius CEO (Ahn Hyo Seop) and an employee who cheated on his identity (Kim Se Jeong).

Although the play is unfolding with an obvious development full of clichés, viewers poured out favorable reviews, leaving reactions such as ‘It tastes better as you know it’.

The main broadcast of ‘A Business Proposal‘ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM on SBS.


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