Thanks To Park Jae Chan’s Popularity In “Semantic Error” DONGKIZ Is Experiencing A Chart Reversal

The boy group DONGKIZ, which debuted in 2019, is showing off their potential to enter the music charts even when they are inactive.

As of 5 p.m. on March 14th, DONGKIZ‘s song “Crazy Night” released in July last year ranked 21st on the Bugs real-time chart.

DONGKIZ‘s “LUPIN” also climbed backwards to 98th place.

The sudden reversal of DONGKIZ‘s song seems to be due to the member’s re-praise.

Recently, Watcha‘s original series “Semantic Error“, starring Jae Chan, has become very popular among young men and women.

Drama fans who enjoyed watching “Semantic Error” fell in love with Jae Chan and also expressed interest in DONGKIZ, his group.

It is rumored that DONGKIZ members are happy with the miracle that happened three years after their debut.

The suddenly “hotDONGKIZ will continue their activities through various contents and plan to meet fans through music, dramas, and entertainment.

Meanwhile, Jae Chan perfectly played the role Choo Sang Woo in “Semantic Error“.

He received enthusiastic cheers from K-pop fans by showing off his irreplaceable chemistry with actor Park Seo Ham, who played as Jang Jae Young.



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