Kissing Scene From “A Business Proposal” Gets Revisited As Kim Min Kyu’s Reaction Reminds Viewers of Hyun Bin In “Crash Landing On You”

Netizens are talking about the kissing scene in “A Business Proposal” episode 6.

Just like the webtoon, the love of the manly secretary Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu) and the unique lady Young Seo (Seol In Ah) of “A Business Proposal” develops at a rapid pace, making the people sit still.

Accordingly, in Episode 6, which just aired, in a drunken state, Young Seo confessed and took the initiative to kiss Cha Sung Hoon. He was equally bold when he kissed Young Seo passionately back.

While many netizens are extremely embarrassed with the sweet scene and the explosive chemistry of the young couple , many viewers quickly noticed a strange point in the male body when kissing.

Those red ears. This strange point coincides with Hyun Bin when filming a kiss scene with Son Ye Jin in “Crash Landing On You“. Accordingly, the North Korean male captain also had red ears in all the kissing scenes with his girlfriend.

Recently, Jang Ki Yong when kissing Song Hye Kyo in “Now, We Are Breaking Up” also met this special reaction.

Netizen commented, “Their ears are so red, everyone”, “It is said that your ears will only be red if you have real feelings”, “Maybe it’s his first kiss, so he’s a bit shy”, “I’m so swoon!!”, “I’m so excited to see this scene, I have to say the chemistry of this couple is so good, they’re even beautiful”, “What are you waiting for, take each other to bed quickly” and “Get married”.

Many viewers think this is a sign that the couple is having special feelings or feelings for the co-star in this kiss scene. It is because of real feelings that they feel confused and excited when kissing, which leads to the ears turning red like that.

However, in the context of “A Business Proposal” at this time, it is also possible to suspect that Cha Sung Hoon’s red ears are due to the previous drinking scene, leading to drunkenness and red ears, which is normal.

But if that’s true, is the crew too detailed? And it is worth mentioning that before, when the two were drunk at the pub, the male secretary’s ears were still normal, it was only when there was physical contact with Young Seo and the climax was the kiss scene that Cha Sung Hoon’s ears were turning all red.

Based on the trailer for episode 6 and if the K-Drama follows what happens in the webtoon, Sung Hoon and Young Seo will have a steamy bed scene in tonight’s episode.

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