Kim Se Jeong Reveals The Extreme Lengths She Took To Loss Weight For Her Role In “A Business Proposal”

It turns out that in order to match the Ahn Hyo Seop with a visual that thousands of people love, Shin Ha Ri also had to prepare her appearance before filming!

A Business Proposal” has recently been a Korean hit series. Thanks to its close but comical content there is no shortage of funny scenes and good chemistry between both the main and supporting couples, the drama’s ratings also have been on the rise for weeks now.

Among the famous actors, Kim Se Jeong is the female lead who is making a strong impression on many netizens in many countries. Not only attracting with her natural acting, but Se Jeong also made people jealous with her pretty standard body when dressing up as a “trap girl“.

Few people know that, 23 days before starting filming for “A Business Proposal” , Se Jeong had to plan to lose up to 5kg to match the appearance for this role.

So are you curious about Shin Ha Ri‘s secret to keeping fit in “A Business Proposal“?

Kim Se Jeong’s Diet

Kim Se Jeong revealed that she spent 23 days before filming “A Business Proposal” to lose 5kg. Kim Se Jeong‘s daily menu during that time included: “Greek Cheese with Apple and Cinnamon Flavor during Breakfast and Salmon Salad or Chicken Breast during Lunch and Dinner

If the work schedule is too busy, Se Jeong will make an extra part of tuna sushi with seaweed tofu soup. Because these dishes are low in calories, she don’t have to worry about your weight changing much during the weight loss process’.

Many people sigh and shake their heads when they know Kim Se Jeong‘s menu. At first, you may not be used to it, but in fact, low-calorie food can still keep you full for a long time to stay active all day.

In addition to the main meal, if she feel hungry during the day, Se Jeong eats some cherry tomatoes, nuts, and dried fruits. These foods are delicious and not afraid of being fat.

Se Jeong also practiced intermittent fasting on days when she had to stay at home all day. She set a goal of eating only two meals a day and decided not to eat anything after 5 p.m.

This Se Jeong is currently being applied by many girls, but it is really difficult to endure for a long time, so you can choose a few days of the month like Se Jeong (of course, you have to be careful not to overeat on other days to get the best results).

Kim Se Jeong’s Training Method

When it comes to weight loss, just controlling your eating isn’t enough. Kim Se Jeong was originally an idol, so she not only has a talent for dancing, but also regularly participates in other types of exercise such as running and climbing.

And if you want to have a beautiful abdominal line like her, do more lying on the bed, flexing your stomach, and raising your legs in the air before going to bed. It’s a very effective exercise!



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