BIGBANG Reportedly Finished Their Comeback MV Last Week

BIGBANG finished filming the music video last week.

As a result of the news 1 coverage on March 16, last week BIGBANG finished filming the music video for a new song to be released after 4 years.

It is interpreted that the return of BIGBANG, which announced a comeback this spring, is imminent, as they even finished filming the music video.

In early February, YG Entertainment officially announced BIGBANG‘s comeback after 4 years, saying that BIGBANG will release a new song this spring.

BIGBANG’s new song is about the first since the single ‘Flower Road’ released in March 2018, and the BIGBANG members spent a long four-year hiatus starting with TOP in 2017, then G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung enlisting in the military in turn.

YG announced the news of BIGBANG’s comeback and also announced the termination of member TOP‘s exclusive contract. YG said, “We respect TOP’s opinion that he would like to expand his personal activities as well as BIGBANG, and we have discussed this with the members well.”

BIGBANG also had an issue with the youngest member Seungri leaving the group during a four-year hiatus. Seungri got involved in several incidents and eventually left the group in 2019.

BIGBANG, who produced numerous hit songs while leading the globalization of K-Pop, has changed into a four-member group, and as it is a new song released for the first time in four years, it is expected that the spotlight of the entertainment industry will be focused on this comeback.


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