2NE1 Members Spends Time Together At A Restaurant

2NE1 showed off their strong friendship as a whole after a long time.

On March 15, Park Bom posted a short video along with ‘2NE1‘ and various emoticons on her Instagram account.

In the released video, 2NE1 is enjoying a meal together at a restaurant after a while.

They looked at Park Bom‘s phone camera and waved “Hello”. 

Afterward, CL announced Park Bom‘s comeback, saying, “Are you only doing hello? Congratulations on the song. I recommend a new song.”

When Park Bom asked a surprise question, “What’s the name of the (new song)?” Sandara Park raised her hand and trembled, saying, “It’s a flower. It’s a different product.”

Previously, on March 9, Sandara Park, CL, and Gong Minji, who had gathered together in one place, left a certification shot, attracting attention. 

Although Park Bom couldn’t be together, Sandara Park and Gong Min Ji appeared to take care of them by tagging Park Bom‘s Instagram account in the post.

Meanwhile, 2NE1, who debuted in 2009, has produced numerous hit songs such as ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Lonely’, and ‘I’m the Best’.

However, 2NE1 abruptly disbanded in 2016.


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