‘Semantic Error’ Actors Park Seo Ham And Park Jae Chan’s Agency To File Lawsuits Against Bullying Rumors

‘Semantic Error’ star Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan announced that they would take legal action against malicious posts and rumors.

On March 14, Park Jae Chan‘s nursery rhyme entertainment company revealed that the allegations of bullying (school violence) spreading in the online community on March 14 were not true. “The investigation is ongoing against allegations of cyber defamation and insult.”

Earlier, recently on social networking services and online communities, articles claiming that “Jae Chan has been harassing girls since elementary school, hanging out with gangs, smoking in the classroom, etc.” spread rapidly.

In response to this, Dongyo Entertainment added that (Jaechan) went through the process of verifying his identity and acquaintances in relation to the allegations and that he had also confirmed with the school regarding his school life.

In the future, we will continue to monitor false facts and malicious comments related to all of our artists, including Park Jae Chan, and take strong measures without any agreement or leniency. I will never sit down with trampling on things,” the agency said.

Npio Entertainment, to which Park Seo Ham belongs, also said on March 15, “We will take strong measures through legal procedures for malicious slander, defamatory posts, and rumors unrelated to unfounded false facts.”

We will make every effort to protect the basic rights and interests of our actors and artists, and we will take strong legal action without any agreement or leniency against malicious commenters, malicious rumor writers and distributors who slander our actors.”

Park Jae Chan and Park Seo Ham received a lot of attention through the OTT platform Watcha original drama ‘Semantic Error’, which was released in February. While the popularity of the drama has increased and several posts about them are increasing, both sides have announced that they will take strong measures against malicious posts.


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