Netizens Are In Awe With These Actresses Stolen Shots That Will Make You Think, “Ah, Yes. God Has Favorites”

The visuals of these Korean actors surprised fans.

Kim Tae Ri & Bona – Twenty Five Twenty One

With her ageless beauty, Kim Tae Ri recently surprised many drama fans by taking on the role ff a 17-year-old high school student in “Twenty Five Twenty One” at the age of 32.

Kim Tae Ri appears in “Twenty Five Twenty One”, which is set in the 1990s, as Na Hee Do, an 11th-grade student who dreams of becoming the top fencing athlete.

This character is quite naïve but also energetic, cheerful and passionate. Even in the behind-the-scenes footage, Kim Tae Ri still boasts a youthful appearance that makes her look like a friend to other cast members who are so much younger than her.

Thanks to the drama’s hot popularity, the viewers have also paid more attention to the actors. WJSN’s member Bona, who plays Na Hee Do’s rival – Ko Yu Rim, has attracted many fans with her performances.

Playing an 11th-grade student in the drama, the actress is actually 27 years old in real life. Bona shows off her impressive visual in the making videos and gets many compliments.

Twenty Five Twenty One” is a drama about the romantic story of two people who first met when they were 22 and 18, then again four years later at 25 and 21. The story follows the pure and fierce growth of immature youth and the excitement and difficulties between friendship and love.

Kim Se Jeong & Seol In Ah – A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal” has already become a hot drama beyond Korea with only 4 episodes being released. Apart from the interesting plot, the cast of this drama is also highly praised for their natural acting and outstanding visual

Kim Se Jeong, who plays Shin Ha Ri,  and Seol In Ah, who plays Jin Young Seo, boast their charming visuals even when on and off the screen.

A Business Proposal” is all about an ordinary office worker disguises herself and goes on a blind date with her attractive boss in the place of her friend to end this unwanted marriage blind date after her request.

Park Min Young – Forecasting Love and Weather

Forecasting Love and Weather” is Park Min Young’s most recent work in 2022. It centers around the love and life stories of people working at the Korea Meteorological Administration. The drama recently recorded low ratings, but Park Min Young’s unrivaled beauty still amazes the viewers.

At the age of 36, Park Min Young still owns a young and perfect face without flaws. She is also known for having beautiful legs.

Forecasting Love and Weather” tells the work and love stories of people working at the National Weather Service. It depicts the cheerful love story of people who have ups and downs at their workplace.

Son Ye Jin – Thirty Nine

Labeled as the “national first love” of Korea, behind-the-scenes photos of Son Ye Jin really do not disappoint fans. Although she was already in her forties, Son Ye Jin was praised for her brilliant beauty and wonderful thin body.

Thirty Nine” is drama depicting the real human experience of the friendship, love, and life of three women who are about to reach 40.

According to a production team member, “Thirty Nine” is going to approach the story with deep sympathy, showing the lives of the three friend’s affectionate friendship and laughter-filled everyday routines.

Krystal – Crazy Love

Considered one of the most attractive female stars in Korea, Krystal is always outstandingly beautiful. Krystal’s luxurious beauty always makes fans admire.

Crazy Love” is a romance drama that depicts a top-class math instructor who is given a notice that he will be murdered and his secretary with zero presence who doesn’t have much time left to live.

Fans can look forward to the chemistry between Krystal and Kim Jae Wook as they portray their charismatic characters on screen.



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