Actor Yoo In Soo Revealed That He Gained 10kg After Filming For ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Actor Yoo In Soo revealed that he gained 10kg after filming for ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

In JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’, which aired on March 12, Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Seung Ri Ha, Lee Eun Saem, Lim Jae Hyeok, and Yoo In Soo appeared as the protagonists of the Netflix drama ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

On this day, the actors of ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ mentioned their blood makeup in the drama.

They said that the blood makeup on the actors’ faces and clothes was made from starch syrup and coffee, and was actually very sweet.

Yoon Chan Young drew attention by saying, “In the final confrontation scene between Gwi Nam and Cheong San on the rooftop, blood dripped from his mouth while looking up at him. It tasted delicious.”

Yoo In Soo told the story behind the scenes, “I’m a character who cares about people, so I kept putting blood near my mouth to shoot. I also put blood on my teeth.”

Then, he wondered, “Our filming was very action-packed and we ran around, so it was hard. But he kept gaining weight.”

Yoo In Soo, who thought it was strange because his body was tired but kept gaining weight, revealed that the blood made from starch syrup was high in calories and gained weight, causing laughter.

Yoo In Soo said, “After filming, I saw that I was too fat,” and confessed that he gained 10 kg after filming. Along with this, a photo showing Yoo In Soo’s weight change was attached, adding to the laughter.

Meanwhile, ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ is a Netflix Korean drama series that tells the story of students who were isolated and waiting for rescue in a school where the zombie virus started, fighting hand in hand to survive.


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