‘Unexpected Business 2’ Was Embroiled In Controversy Which Violates the Tobacco Business Act

Absolutely illegal scenes were broadcast on entertainment programs.

In tvN’s ‘Unexpected Business 2‘ aired on March 10, Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Seong, part-timers Kim Woo Bin, Lee Kwang Soo, and Lim Joo Hwan, who were on their second day of business, were depicted running a mart.

On the second day of business, they faced a crisis from the moment they opened.

One old man bought a carton of cigarettes and said, “Give me a lighter.” Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin, who are new to mart part-time jobs, went back and forth, but rather asked the old man, “Have you ever bought a lighter here?” The old man replied, “The lighter is just a service.”

In the end, Kim Woo Bin, who found a lighter, handed the lighter to the elderly as a service by purchasing a pack of cigarettes.

Lee Kwang Soo applauded and congratulated him for overcoming the difficulties.

However, according to the exclusive report by Sports Kyunghyang after the broadcast, it is strictly illegal to provide lighters as a service not only in rural marts but also in convenience stores in downtown areas.

Giving a lighter as a service violates Article 18 of the Tobacco Business Act because the sale price of cigarettes is sold at a lower price than the advertised price.

The first violation will result in a 3-month business suspension, and the second violation will result in a 6-month business suspension and a fine of not more than 1 million won.

An official from the Ministry of Health and Welfare confirmed to Sports Kyunghyang, “It is strictly illegal to give out prizes when selling cigarettes.”

In addition, an official from the Korea Communications Standards Commission said, “If there is a possibility of becoming a problem, we will review the issue and then deliberate.”

As of 1:00 pm on March 11, ‘CEO 2’ side has not yet released any position.

The scene was not even deleted from the VOD broadcast.

Audience reactions are also different.

It was divided into the position that the cast or production team at the scene thought they were the people of a rural mart, and may not have known that it was an illegal act and the position that there should have been a thorough investigation as it was broadcast through broadcasting.

In one online community, “I didn’t know it was illegal either. There are a lot of people like that in the countryside”, “I didn’t know it was illegal. I went to buy a cigarette, but I thought it was beneficial because they gave me a lighter,” and “I thought it was originally given.”

On the other hand, there were also comments pointing to problems such as “the production team of this program trusts only the part-timers and shifts the responsibility only to the part-timers” and “only part-timers who keep FM are suffering because of people like that.”

tvN’s ‘Unexpected Business 2‘ is an entertainment program that draws the second rural mart business diary of urban men Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Seong. In a recent broadcast, it was surprising that five men, including Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Seong, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, and Lim Joo Hwan, shared a small breakfast with each other.


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