BTS RM Who Loves Pokemon Shared That He Dropped By In 8 Convenience Stores To Buy ‘Pokemon Bread’

RM, who was passionately searching for ‘Pokemon Bread’, has released a colorful Pokemon sticker collection.

On March 11, RM, a member of BTS, posted a photo of a collection of Pokemon stick seals (stickers that can be peeled off) on his Instagram.

In addition to the 16 band seals in the photo, there were also many popular characters such as ‘Eevee’ and ‘Mr.

In particular, ‘Mr. Strange’ is a rare sticker, and it is being traded for a whopping 50,000 won on a used trading app.

RM is regretful that the sticker of ‘Conchi’, one of the Pokemon characters, has been duplicated, and Conchi posted a delightful text saying that he would exchange it for confectionery chips.

Currently, Pokemon bread is so popular that it is experiencing a shortage.

RM, too, was able to get Pokemon bread only after visiting as many as eight convenience stores.

On March 9, RM also provoked laughter by asking his Instagram to increase the production of two types of Pokemon bread, chocolate roll bread, and goose chocolate cake bread, by 10 times.

Fans who saw this showed reactions such as “RM is a real golden hand” and “I want to try Pokemon bread too”.

Meanwhile, the same member Jin also joined the ‘Pokemon Bread Crash’ by revealing his chosen ‘Gora Padduk’ on Instagram. 


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