T.O.P Talks About His Marijuana Controversy And Describes It As A ‘Worst Moment’

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P hinted at leaving the group. 

T.O.P adorned the magazine Prestige Hong Kong’s March cover. T.O.P, who is about to make a comeback after 5 years, announced the reason for the long hiatus and future plans in an interview with this media. 

T.O.P described the marijuana controversy as the ‘worst moment‘. T.O.P said, “I suffered from depression since childhood.

Five years ago, I made an extreme choice. It was only later that I realized how much hurt and pain I caused to the people around me, my family, and my fans.” 

Regarding this comeback, T.O.P also said, “This comeback song includes a message to fans and the reason for taking a break from BIGBANG.” 

Meanwhile, T.O.P‘s group ‘Big Bang’ is preparing a new song with the goal of making a comeback this spring. However, it was reported that TOP did not renew his contract with his agency, YG Entertainment.


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