Suzy In Discussion To Cast As A Lead Role For A New Netflix Series

One unexpected news about singer-actress Suzy is drawing attention. 

On March 10, Sports Chosun, citing an entertainment industry official, said, “Suzy will be the main character of Netflix’s new series ‘The Girl Downstairs!’ (directed by Lee Jung-hyo).” 

The Girl Downstairs’ is the work of artist Min Song-ah, which has been serialized on Naver since July 2019. ‘The Girl Downstairs’, which is currently running until season 3 and is being uploaded as a Thursday webtoon, is a work depicting the story of a sudden retired idol Doona Lee living in the same house with Lee Won Jun, a freshman in college.

When the news that Suzy would play the title role of Lee Doo-na in ‘The Girl Downstairs, most netizens responded that it was a bit unexpected, but that it would be fun if the adaptation was done well. 

In the online community Theku comment box , “Suzy..?” “Huh..” “It’s true… .?” “I’m curious about the male lead too, I think if the adaptation is done well, it will come out well!” Words such as “I hope the adaptation goes well” and “Oh Suzy’s image is different, but I’m looking forward to it” came up and drew attention.

It is reported that director Lee Jung Hyo, who made tvN’s ‘Crash Landing on You’, ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ and OCN’s ‘Life on Mars’, will be directing.

Meanwhile, Suzy made a comeback as a singer after about four years.

Suzy released her new single ‘Satellite‘ on various music sites at 6 pm on February 17. ‘Satellite‘ is a song made with the sound of a band with a Britpop tendency.


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