Jung Ho Yeon Was Embroiled Of A New Controversy Due To This Picture She Released On Instagram

Squid GameJung Ho Yeon suffered an unexpected controversy in her Instagram account. 

On March 9, Jung Ho Yeon posted a picture of her stepping on the # 1 sign on Instagram without special comment. 

The post seems to mean that Jung Ho Yeon first appeared on stage at the women’s collection fashion show held at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France at 10:30 pm on March 7.

However, some netizens criticized her as to whether she is supporting a specific candidate because the time it was uploaded is also the day of the 20th presidential election. 

The post has been posted on several online communities such as Klean and Efem Korea .

Netizens who saw the photo had very different reactions. There are opinions such as “You have to be careful on a day like this”, “Isn’t it okay to post something like this on election day”, “You shouldn’t even tie shoelaces in a cucumber field”, “I posted this because I’m happy, let’s not overinterpret it”, “Politics It’s a disease.” 

After the controversy, Jung Ho Yeon‘s side deleted Instagram. 

Meanwhile, Jung Ho Yeon won the ‘TV Drama Series Best Actress Award’ for ‘Squid Game’ at the 28th American Actors Guild Awards held at the Barker Hanger Event Hall in Santa Monica, USA on the morning of February 27 in Los Angeles, USA.


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