Actress Kim Se Jeong Apologized To Her Fans After Casting Her Vote, Here’s The Reason Why

Kim Se Jeong, who stamped the back of her hand and left a ‘voting certification shot’, apologized to the fans. 

On March 9, Kim Se Jeong posted on her Instagram, “Vote, eat breakfast, feel good, and lets all vote without forgetting everyone” and several photos. 

In the photo, Kim Se Jeong was seen wearing glasses and a beret. 

However, the voting certification shot with the stamp on the back of the hand became a problem. 

This is because the government has asked to refrain from putting a stamp on the back of the hand as it may lead to the spread of COVID-19. 

Kim Se Jeong apologized, saying, “I didn’t know, I’m sorry. Everyone, the government has asked you to refrain from stamping the back of your hand in relation to quarantine.” 

“As long as I found out about it late, I’ll post it up! To everyone who voted, it’s been a long day today.” she continued.

On the other hand, Kim Se Jeong is active in SBS ‘Business Proposal’ as Shin Ha Ri. 


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