From Friend To Wife — The Story Of How DJ Koo Joon Yup Met Barbie Hsu And Eventually Married Her

Koo Joon Yup, a “Clon” member who suddenly reported the marriage registration with Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, confessed about his marriage.

On March 8th, Koo Joon Yup said, “I met this healthy and tense young woman. We both became middle-aged and met again. I don’t love her face, I love everything about her“, he said in an interview with Atstar.

Regarding his denial of dating in the past, he said, “At that time, celebrities’ relationships were not welcomed. It was a time when it was active and popular for a long time, so the company also opposed it. In the end, I asked to break up first“, adding, “I haven’t met anyone better than her. Deep down in my heart, I had memories that she (Barbie Hsu) was a really good woman“.

He then continued, “When I heard her (Barbie Hsu) divorce, I felt strange. The moment I contacted her number 20 years ago and heard my voice to ask how she was doing, the flames of old love rose. For months, I made a huge video call to her. Let’s get married. I committed it because I thought I didn’t have much time to love in my life after I was over 50“, adding, “I registered my marriage in Korea because I couldn’t enter Taiwan without my family. When I left, I was quarantined in a hotel for 10 days. It is overwhelming to be under the same sky. I need to say hello to her family and get to know her children as soon as possible” he said in a romantic way.

Earlier, Koo Joon Yup appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star, which aired in 2010, and told everyone about his relationship with popular Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu. He said, “Barbie Hsu got a tattoo on her body as a sign of affection. However, she misunderstood my names Koo Joon Yup’s as ‘gu’, so she made the number ‘gu’“, suggesting that they had a deep relationship .

Meanwhile, Koo Joon Yup formed a group “Clon” with Kang Won Rae in 1996 and rose to stardom. Since then, he has enjoyed great popularity not only in Korea but also in China. Currently, he is a DJ and painter.

Barbie Hsu also made his face known to Korea in 2001 when she appeared in the Taiwanese version of “Boys Over Flowers“. Since then, she has worked with Jung Woo Sung in the movie “Reign of Assassins“.



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